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"Our mission is to help business owners
solve problems while saving time and money"

"Our mission is to help business owners solve problems while saving time and money"

Michelle Carr, Owner

Michelle started Streamline Business Solutions in hopes of becoming a true problem solver and advisor to the independent business owner. Over the years, she found her customers to be overwhelmed with the increasing cost of payment processing and the ever changing technology, both in-house and online. To solve this problem, Michelle leveraged her 15 years of industry experience to cultivate strong partnerships and negotiate group pricing with vendors. This resulted in Streamline, a brokerage house designed to offer a variety of solutions to satisfy the business owner’s ever growing needs.

Streamline has access to three of the nation’s top credit card processors, allowing merchants to obtain the best pricing and technology in the market. Our goal is to find the solution that is the best fit for the business owner by offering multiple options at different price points. In addition to payment acceptance, Streamline has strong partnerships to offer the best in website design, online brand management, social media, online ordering, menu design, POS Solutions, gift card programs, and access to working capital.

OUR valued partners

Priority Payments

Streamline always strives for the happiness of our customers and we appreciate these comments

"Michelle exemplifies full service and professionalism. We worked with her to transition payment processing when our business changed and we were given limited options by several providers. Michelle and her team did not “Sell” us a product or service. Rather, she educated us on parts of the payment business that we had no idea about and, in the process, offered us better solutions than we had at a more competitive price. She has followed up in the years since to ensure that we always have questions answered and that we are optimizing our options while minimizing costs. Michelle has “gone to bat” for us on several occasions when we had special needs (unusual transactions, large amounts, etc.). I would recommend Michelle and her team for any project that you want completed efficiently and to the highest standards."
Kevin Prior, Chief Financial Officer
Catholic Health Association of the United States
"Michelle Carr has taken care of our credit card processing for almost 10 years. I can’t say enough about her commitment to customer service. She goes above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of and is always presenting new ideas to improve our online business needs. We are constantly solicited by other companies wanting to “Streamline” or switch us to their credit card processing platform, but ultimately, we feel we are in the best hands and love that she is so hands on and takes care of our needs personally."
Kelly Callier, General Manager
Calier's Catering
"I have worked with Michelle Carr since 2012 and she has always offered top of the line customer service. Even when on vacation, she has found time to return my calls and help me out of a jam. In addition to great service, she has access to cutting edge technology. When it comes to Merchant Services, she knows her stuff. I recently switched over to the Cash Discounting program, which has nearly eliminated my credit card processing fees. This lower cost solution has generated dollars that I can now invest back in to my business. I would recommend having a conversation with Streamline to see how they can help your business grow!"
Gary Shenberg, Owner
Crest Bowl
"Trust is the most important thing in a business relationship. I don’t make it a habit of writing testimonials either good or bad but after formalizing our business review process to include Streamline, I felt it only appropriate. We absolutely trust Streamline with our customers because first and foremost they are honest, relevant and easy for our “entrepreneurial clientele” to work with."
Paul Witwer, Business Development
Performance Food Group
"Michelle is great to work with. She has saved Presort, Inc. a lot of money with our credit card transactions. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of business and a valued business partner of Presort, Inc.."
Jeromy Fritz, President
Presort, Inc.
"I have worked with Michelle and Premier Processing for the last 7 years. You could not ask for a more professional and knowledgable partner or company to work with and send your clients to. Michelle always goes above and beyond to do what is best for the client and knows all aspects of the merchant business. I would recommend Michelle and her company to anybody looking for a great company to help process their merchant transactions and grow their business. "
Blake Johnson, & Branch Manager
First National Bank of Waterloo

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