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Eliminate Payment Processing Fees for Merchants While Maximizing Your Profits

Introducing Evolvpay

Dual MID's* for Cash Discounting and Traditional Processing

Our terminals allow you to have traditional processing and Cash Discounting / Surcharging on a single terminal! Dual MID support allows you to retain your customers who do not wish to pay the Non-Cash Charge / Surcharge that is implemented in Cash Discounting.
Seamlessly transition from Cash Discounting / Surcharging to traditional processing by simply canceling the fee on your Valor terminal, by tapping the red “x” on screen during a transaction, and entering a confirmation password.
The terminal automatically switches the MID in seconds when canceling the Non-Cash Charge / Surcharge and removes the fee from the customer’s transaction. You then pay the standard fee for accepting credit / debit cards under your traditional MID. We also offer traditional account’s at a competitive rate from your current traditional processor.

Cash Discounting and Surcharge on Tip

For the first time in the payment industry, you now have the ability to add a Cash Discount or Surcharge percentage on a tip. The Cash Discount or Surcharge is also integrated into tips when customers choose to split the bill. Our terminal will automatically split the bill of up to 5 customers and factor in the fee / percentage to each customer’s bill and tip. Our terminals show the total sale amount, taxes, fees, and the total cost leaving your customers with no question on their purchases. We also give you the option to add your own customized line items to the terminal’s display screen.

Virtual Cash Discount and Surcharge

Our Virtual Terminal allows you to implement a Non-Cash Charge or Surcharge on keyed in transactions. Perfect for MOTO businesses. Our Gateway gives you the ability to add a convenience fee for online transactions as well as a surcharge fee. All our cash discounting, surcharge, and convenience fee features are controlled by you in the CRM / Portal. Available on both Android and IOS devices.

SMS Cash Discounting with e Invoicing

Send payment requests via SMS text using eInvoice for a truly contactless transaction
– perfect for social distancing practices. A Non-Cash Charge or Surcharge can be implemented into each SMS payment sent to customers and is great for any business that uses a ticketed order system like bakeries or butcher shops, as well as, MOTO businesses. Merchants can keep their orders moving seamlessly by eliminating customer waiting time at the register. MOTO businesses can save time and avoid PCI compliance issues since the card number is not handled by employees.

Learn More About Evolvpay

Learn More About Evolvpay


Evolvpay 100 Countertop

  • Ethernet
  • WiFi
  • Dial Up
  • Large Scale Touch Screen Display
  • Full Transaction Information Display
  • Signature Capture
  • Paperless Signature / Receipt Option
  • Contactless Payment
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Auto-Connection Failback Procedure

Evolvpay 110 Wireless Terminal

  • Handheld POS
  • Large Scale Touch Screen Display
  • Full Transaction Information Display
  • Signature Capture and Pay At The Table
  • Paperless Signature / Receipt Option
  • Contactless Payment / Bill Splitting
  • Tipping Cash Discounting / Surcharge On Tip
  • GPRS / 4G and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Auto-Connection Failback Procedure

Evolvpay 300 Pin Pad

  • Large Scale Touch Screen Display
  • Signature Capture
  • Smart Tipping
  • PCI-PTS 5.0 Certified PIN Pad EMV Ready
  • Embedded NFC Reader
  • Built-in Customer Rating System

Virtual Terminal

An All-In-One Virtual Terminal, Gateway & Mobile App

  • Tokenized Card Numbers
    Stored for Future Transactions
  • Recurring Payments
  • Email and SMS Invoicing
  • Cash Discount / Surcharging
  • Level 2 and Level
  • Inventory Management
  • E-Commerce Integrations with
    OpenCart and WooCommerce
  • Easy to Use Mobile App
    Available on IOS and Android
  • Dynamic Descriptor

Easy-To-Use Portal

  • Perform Sales, Voids, Refunds, and Tip Adjusts from anywhere
  • Customer Database
  • Real Time Risk Monitoring
  • Customer Receipt and Signature
  • Storage for 24 Months to Fight Chargebacks
  • Quick Boarding and Deployment
  • Built-In Marketing Tools
  • Digital and Paper Receipts

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