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Restaurant solutions

Restaurant solutions

Credit Card processing can get expensive when 90% of your customers reach for plastic when paying for their bill. Restaurants working with Streamline’s partners typically pay a 2.3%-2.5% effective rate on credit card processing fees. What are you paying? If your effective rate is greater than 2.3% call us today!

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POS Solution

Easily manage your full service, fast casual, fast food, or food truck restaurant with the powerful, easy to use, cloud-based point of sale system.

Cash discount program

A cash discount program is a way for merchants to pass the cost of card acceptance along to cardholders. The merchant will raise all of their prices via simple signage in their location, and then offer a discount to customers paying with cash. Get set up with a lower cost processing solution today.

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No Stress PCI Program

Streamline will assist you with your PCI Compliance questionnaire

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